• Tarsikah Tarsikah Poltekkes Kemenkes Malang, Indonesia
  • Budi Suharno
  • Helmi Estu Puji


Giving MP-ASI under six months of age has risk of inviting a variety of diseases in the baby’s body, because immune system of infants younger than six months is not perfect. In 2013, Public Health Center Pakis have low-coverage areas most exclusive breastfeedin, of the 1742 infants were examined only 234 infants were given complementary feeding at 6 months of age (13.43%) means that there are a lot of babies who have received complementary feeding before  6 months. The purpose of this study was to determine the relation between early complementary feeding giving with infant morbidity. The design of this study is analytic correlation with the retrospective approach. Its population as much as 332 infants aged 7-12 months check up in July-December 2013.  The sampling used simple random sampling with a total sample of 77 infants who met the inclusion criteria. The research instrument using the form MTBM, MTBS and data collection forms, and then the data were analyzed by chi-square formula and found that the X2 count (29365)> X2 Table (3841) means that there is relation between early complementary feeding with infant morbidity frequeny in Pakis  Pulic health center in Distric Malang. Based on these results the midwifes suggested to enhance the promotion of the use of exclusive breast feeding.

Key word: Complemntary Feeding, Infant Morbidity

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Tarsikah Tarsikah, Poltekkes Kemenkes Malang, Indonesia



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Tarsikah, T., Suharno, B., & Estu Puji, H. (2017). PEMBERIAN MP ASI DINI MENINGKATKAN KEJADIAN MORBIDITAS BAYI. MIKIA: Mimbar Ilmiah Kesehatan Ibu Dan Anak (Maternal and Neonatal Health Journal), 1(2), 44–50. Retrieved from

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