• Tarsikah Tarsikah Poltekkes Kemenkes Malang, Indonesia
  • Sherly Putri K
  • Rita Yulifah


Based on the result of survey there were 8 of 10 menopausal women were less aware the changed menopouse period and there were no workshop about menopause itself. In some women, the occurrence of menopause is characterized by occasional hot flush and fatigue, symptoms of menopause that can arise can be very much, both physical and psychological symptoms, which makes them suffer greatly. The purposes of the study are to identify the knowledge and attitude of woman in facing menopause at BPS Triwayati, Amd.Keb. The design of the study was use pre-experimental with one pretest and post test. The variable in this study were conducting the knowledge and the attitude of women which were before and after given workshop. The result of the workshop from variable T. Test statistic showed that the level of knowledge before and after menopause counseling were have significant level (p) 0.000 so it can be concluded that, there is effect from the workshop about the knowledge of menopause to the women. Meanwhile, the level of attitude about menopause before and after given workshop it was have the significant level (p) 0.167 so it can be concluded that, there is no effect from the workshop about menopause period to the  women. Every woman, especially those who will experience the menopause to dig up more information about the menopause so ready to lead a healthy life in the menopause.

Keywords: Menopause, Knowledge, Attitude, Counseling

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Tarsikah Tarsikah, Poltekkes Kemenkes Malang, Indonesia



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